Sunday, July 21, 2013

Children see Cheerios... not race.

Children see Cheerios... not race! Maybe the grown-ups in our world need to be the ones who grow the f*#k up.

Watch this and feel your heart swell with relief that there is hope for our future. I'm glad the children "don't get it." That's a sign of humanity, in my opinion.

I wish I could hug every one of these kids, their parents, their teachers, and friends. What awesome kids!

I still have not recovered from the George Zimmerman verdict. I struggle with Stand Your Ground (& Castle Doctrine) laws and the subtle and not so subtle racism in this world.  I just don't agree that this aggression was not racially motivated. In case you want to get a little enraged, do a little twitter search of "Boycott Florida" and you will see horrible tweets like these:

For those unaware what an EBT card is, it is the benefits card given to people receiving SNAP benefits (food stamps). Even though racist, Jeannie McBride, intended this to be a racial slur, she should know that according to demographic data 43% of SNAP participants are white, 33% are African-American, 19% are Hispanic, 2% are Asian, and 2% are Native American. Can I get an "oh snap" ... yeah. bad joke.

Let's continue to teach tolerance so we end up with more kids like we have in the Cheerios video! Watch it again so you can get the ugly tweets out of your head. Check out this link for teaching tolerance and follow Teaching Tolerance (@Tolerance_org on twitter) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (@SPLC on twitter).

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